Public Security Directorate renewed the warnings to citizens of the need to adopt preventive behavior during the weather condition that affects the Kingdom, by following the next instructions:

  • Stay away from the sides of valleys, places where torrents form in low areas.
  • Checking vehicles, adhering to traffic rules, and not committing traffic violations.
  • The Directorate calls on drivers to be careful while driving, in order to avoid traffic accidents as a result of slips on the roads due to rain.
  • Not to risk blocking the road, whether on foot or vehicles, in the event of a high water level.
  • Take care and caution on the roads that will witness rain.
  • Safe use of various types of heating devices and ventilation of the house from time to time.
  • Stay away from water gathering sites to avoid the risk of falling.

The Directorate confirms its operational readiness to deal with any reports received on the unified emergency number 911, and that all the main operating rooms are available around the clock and their patrols are deployed on all roads to help citizens.