10 / 1 / 2024 

Today, Public Security Directorate, represented by the Anti-Narcotics Department, destroyed large quantities of narcotic drugs, seized in (33) cases whose rulings were final.

This destruction is part of the Directorate's efforts to implement the provisions of the law, protect society from the scourge of drugs, and limit its spread.

The quantities of narcotic substances that were destroyed in the various cases of trafficking, possession, and smuggling included (10,075,350) Captagon pills, (7) kg of marijuana, (37,500) narcotic pills, (134) kg of cocaine, and (3,752) kg of  Cannabis narcotic substances.

It is noteworthy that the destruction process was carried out under the supervision of a special committee headed by the Inspector General of the Public Security Directorate, the Director of the of Laboratories and forensics Department, the Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department, and the Prosecutor General of the State Security Court.