Amman, November 14 (Amen FM) - Representatives of the traffic departments and the Royal Department for Environment and Tourism Protection confirmed to Public Security Radio that 220,000 vehicles had undergone technical inspection during the winter campaign launched by the Public Security Directorate since the beginning of this month.

The delegates of the competent departments added that the winter campaign, which was launched by the Public Security Directorate, targets the validity of technical vehicles to drive on the roads during the winter season.

Operations officers in the traffic departments (the Department of Traffic, Licensing and highway Patrols) in addition to the Royal Department for Environment and Tourism Protection stated that the maintenance department crews accompanying them in the campaign and through the equipment and mechanisms provided by the Public Security Directorate aim to examine the main parts of the vehicle, especially tires, lights, windshield wipers, mirrors and water of the vehicle's engine, and to ensure the operation of (heaters) inside the public vehicles.

Public Security Directorate reaffirms that no violations will be recorded on vehicles that have a technical defect during the campaign, but a period of one week will be given to the vehicle owner to correct the defect and then visit any of the traffic department centers after correcting the defect to cancel the notice issued against the vehicle.

Operations officers indicated in their interview with Public Security Radio that in order not to double-check the technical examination, a sticker was given to each vehicle that passed the technical examination.

Public Security Directorate calls on citizens to cooperate with the Public Security men during the campaign period, which is still ongoing, and to lose the validity of their vehicles to face the different conditions of the winter season, and to carry out the necessary maintenance work for them in order to preserve their safety and the safety of others, while using them, and to avoid obstructing traffic in the event of their breakdown due to weather conditions.