The Director of Public Security, Maj. Gen. AbeidAllah Maaitah, stressed the move forward to take measures to enhance the services provided to travelers and facilitate their pass through the King Hussein Bridge, indicating that the Public Security Directorate is continuing to develop and upgrade all its services in implementation of the wise Royal directives.

Maj. Gen. Al-Maaitah, during his visit today to the Bridge Security Department, indicated the need to maintain efficient coordination with partners in ministries and official institutions working on the bridge, to ensure good organization and development of procedures.

the Director of Public Security passed orders  to harness all administrative and human capabilities, and to introduce modern systems and technologies to contribute to facilitating the movement of transport on the bridge, which would be positively reflected in saving time and effort for passangers.

During a tour, public security director  was briefed on the services and infrastructure available in all sections and facilities of the bridge, indicating to the importance of following well-studied work mechanisms to enhance strengths and avoid obstacles.

The Director of Public Security was briefed also by the Director of the Bridges Security Department, in which he presented the most important duties implemented by the Department, the security and humanitarian services provided to travelers, and the facilities it provides to Palestinian travelers and bridge users.