Today, the Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, opened the Tla’ Al-Ali, Khalda and Umm Al-Summaq police station followed to the North Amman Police Directorate in the Capital Security Region Command.

The opening event coincides with the Kingdom’s celebrations of the silver jubilee of His Majesty the King assuming his constitutional powers in a way that ensures the continued implementation of the security, humanitarian and community duties of these units based on operational modernity and strategic plans in the field of providing the best services to all members of society.

Major General Al- Maaitah affirmed that Public Security Directorate’s continuous endeavor to implement the Royal directives, which are to raise the level of comprehensive security and humanitarian performance in accordance with the best standards, starting with specific plans to maintain effective partnerships with citizens and leading to improving the quality of the services provided around the clock.

The Director of Public Security indicated that this event reflects the Directorate’s continuous approach to establishing methods of modernization and development at all levels, which will reflect positively on the efficiency of security work and enable workers to perform their duties with all professionalism and ability.

Major General Al- Maaitah indicated to the the necessity of maintaining the integrated work format between the various units and formations, taking into account the division of population specializations according to the geography of the police station and the various police directorates, and ensuring a rapid response to the needs of citizens, especially emergency ones.

Major General Al- Maaitah was briefed by the Capital Region Security Commander, in which he explained the work mechanisms that are followed to maintain coordination and quality of services provided, and the mechanism for distributing roles according to functional specializations with all efficiency and ease.

Director of Public Security also toured the departments and facilities of the new building to observe  its readiness to provide the best security services to citizens.