14 / 1 / 2024 

The members of the Public Security Marathon Team won first places in the thirty-first event  of the Egypt International Marathon, whose competitions were held in the city of Luxor in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Public Security runners achieved advanced positions in all categories which are characterized by its desert nature, and was held on the western side of the historic city of Luxor. More than 1,000 participants from 42 different nationalities, and in several categories, including the 42 km marathon, the 22 km half marathon, and the 12 km and 5 km, and the most prominent participating countries are: France, the Netherlands, the United States of America, Spain, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Egypt, in addition to Jordan.

Public Security runner Mohammad Al-Nawasrah won first place in the 42 km race, recording a time of two hours and thirty-five minutes (2:35).

In the 22 km race, Public Security runner Ahmed Sammour took first place with a time of one hour and fourteen minutes.

Public Security runner Saad Salama won first place in the 12 km race, recording a time of forty minutes.

On the women's level, Sabriya Al-Maradat achieved first place in the women's (12) km race, achieving a time of fifty minutes, and Nahida Al-Bawat, achieved second place in the women's (22) km race, with a time of one hour and forty seconds.

Public Security Directorate team's delegation to the tournament was headed by Major Zuhair Al-Zaboun, the team's coach, and included in its membership Captain Raja Al-Kharaisat and the players (Mohammed Al-Nawasrah, Ahmed Sammour, Saad Salama, Nahida Al-Bawat, Sabria Al-Muradat).