After listening to the artist's statements, it was found that the incident took place on 14/09/2022, and he did not suffer any bodily injury.

PSD spokesman said that after listening to the artist’s statements at the Al-Nasr police station, he stated that, on 14/09/2022, while he was in an area, south of Amman, he lost his way there, as a group of people stopped him and tried to assault him, shooting towards his vehicle and leaving, he was not physically assaulted without injury, after which the same people stopped him and apologized to him for thinking he was someone else, and an investigation was opened into the incident to arrest the invloved.

The spokesman confirmed that investigations were launched and information was collected from the site of the attack so that the investigators could determine the identity of the main suspect in the incident. He was arrested and an automatic firearm was seized, and investigations are still ongoing.