9 / 5 / 2024 

Traffic Institute: The ultimate goal of public security is to preserve lives and property, and all efforts and measures taken are to achieve the highest standards of security and safety in society.

The traffic accident average decreased, and the compliance rate increased after implementing the traffic law amendment, and the innovation of a special traffic safety course taught in 9 universities.

Public Security Directorate was interested in developing the Traffic Institute to work with training, research, and awareness-raising dimensions, and to provide services to citizens and institutions.

Public Security has completed the oversight part by 100% on 81 dangerous sites identified by traffic studies, and work is underway to complete the engineering part through the relevant partners.

170  thousand traffic accidents during the year 2023 inside the Kingdom, resulting in 560 deaths, 826 serious injuries with a cost of up to 321 million dinars.

The traffic points system focused on serious violations, which were identified with 31 violation items, each of which received points from 1 to 6 points, depending on the severity of the violation.