* Maintaining the highest levels of readiness during the weather conditions.

* Al-Hawatmeh directing support in favor of technical development and upgrading human capabilities in civil defense

* Providing the best services to citizens and reducing response time in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom with the same efficiency and effectiveness.

Public Security Director, Maj. Gen.Hussein Al-Hawatmeh, indicated to the advanced level that the civil defense cadres have reached, and the ambulance, rescue, firefighting and comprehensive humanitarian services they provide to citizens and residents around the clock.

The Director of Public Security during his visit to the Civil Defense Directorate said that since the start of the merger of security units, the civil defense had priority in the development and rehabilitation processes, so the latest modern systems to the civil protection system was entered , in which it was reflected in dealing with the Corona pandemic.

Maj. Gen. AlHawatmeh  stressed that we have spared no effort to continue this process and to enable civil defense cadres to carry out their duties, provide additional services and improve the quality of previous service, indicating to the need for service recipients to enjoy the same services wherever they are in Jordan, with the same efficiency.

Al-Hawatmeh directed to the necessity of activating all necessary plans to deal with weather conditions  that will affect the Kingdom starting next Wednesday between the various public security formations and using  all the capabilities, equipment to respond to any incidents  with all efficiency, speed and ability. .

Public security director  indicated to  the need to continue qualifying the  human cadres, including paramedics and rescuers, and to follow up on the modernization of the ambulance and rescue services.

The Acting Director of Civil Defense presented a summary in which he summarized the plans and statistics of incidents and services provided by the Civil Defense, and the most prominent mechanisms and equipment that were introduced into the civil protection system.

Al-Hawatmeh inspected the main operations room of the Civil Defense and briefed on the plan to deal with weather conditions in the coming days.