Licensing department  ends dealing with paper forms and replaces them with electronic "Paperless Service Department"

As of today, the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department launched its modern and developed electronic services, which included the use  of electronic forms as an alternative to paper forms.

With this achievement, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department entered a new stage of its work in serving citizens according to the best standards, by automating drivers and vehicle transactions within the department.

Through this new success, the administration achieved its goal of reaching a "paperless service administration" in implementation of the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, in the process of integrating the components of public security, and the subsequent phase of modernization and development aimed at raising the level of services provided to citizens.

Public Security Director Maj. Gen. Al-Hawatmeh passed orders  to provide all the technical capabilities necessary to start providing these services as of this morning at the main department center - Marka, as a first stage, to be gradually expanded to include soon all licensing departments in the Kingdom, in a manner that saves time and effort, and avoids Possible human mistakes , and increases the ability of preservation, archiving and electronic linking, while saving costs.

Through these services, the Licensing Department will be able to proceed with the procedures for the driver’s license transaction in the department  building by reviewing the concerned employee, who will enter the information electronically and complete the transaction without filling out the paper forms that were previously used, including (medical examination, theoretical examination, and security approvals).

As for transactions related to vehicles (legal), the service applicant shall review the employee in charge of organizing the form electronically, so that the role of the two parties to the contract is limited to signing only the forms that the notary public issues in order to avoid formal errors in filling out the judicial transactions.

It is worth noting that the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department had recently launched a package of remote electronic services (online) for a large number of services, most notably the renewal of private vehicle licenses, the issuance of driving licenses to replace lost and damaged licenses and others.

The department also continued to expand the licensing service from your vehicle (Drive Thru) to include all governorates of the Kingdom, which enables citizens to complete the transactions of renewing vehicle ownership licenses.

Public Security Directorate confirmed its continuation to launch projects and services aimed at upgrading all security and humanitarian services, in implementation of the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of Jordan Armed Forces, which was embodied in the process of integration, modernization and development coinciding with the centenary of the Jordanian state, and the centenary of the establishment of PSD.