Anti-Cybercrime Unit has recently dealt with a large number of electronic fraud cases in its various forms based on delusion and deception of the victim about the possibility of obtaining money or material benefits in easy and accessible ways.

Where the fraudster exploits the victim to obtain money through profit, aid, or bogus prizes, or by exploiting the names of official institutions or local or international personalities that provide support to the poor and needy, and to owners of entrepreneurial projects, or by exploiting official documents such as identity, passport, and others to create bank accounts or wallets  electronically using various digital portals without the knowledge of the victim.

Here, the Cybercrime Unit calls upon all citizens and residents to take the following pieces of advice:

  • There are no official institutions, companies or well-known personalities that provide monetary or material support except through official digital portals announced on their official websites.
  • The incorrectness of any financial or material prizes offered through fictitious social networking sites that are not documented or affiliated with official bodies inside or outside the country.
  • Official documents such as identity, passport, and others are protected documents and may not be shared with anyone through various social media platforms.
  • Unreliability of the hierarchical profit companies or the fake stock exchange spread on social media platforms and the need to ensure their reliability and to be officially registered with the competent official authorities.
  • Not to share financial or banking data from account numbers and various credit cards, as well as e-wallet accounts, with any party or person through various social media platforms.
  • Not to enter any unreliable electronic links or websites on the Internet that call for quick profit and fake prizes.
  • not to pay any sums of money or to sign a real or digital signature on any contracts before receiving the various products or purchases.
  • Verify any bank transfer data received through e-mail and verify its source by telephone with the sending or receiving party before completing the transfer process.
  • Not to trade via fictitious or not globally approved digital currency platforms and to follow the updated Central Bank instructions periodically.
  • Not to share passwords or confirmation and activation codes and numbers for electronic accounts that are answered on the personal phone with anyone, for whatever reason.

Your protection is our goal and your security is our mission