Investigation teams in unknown cases opened the case file and found the involved after  20 years of the crime was committed

The two brothers of the victim were the ones who killed her after forcing her to take a large amount of narcotic pills. One of them was arrested and the other was circulated as he was outside the country.

The body was found at the time inside a water channel  in Sweileh area placed inside an iron barrel.

PSD spokesman said that the investigation teams of unknown cases in the Criminal Investigation Department reopened the file of one of the murder cases in 2003, in which a thirty-year-old woman was killed and the perpetrator remained unknown, so that they could uncover the circumstances and arrest one of the perpetrators.

In the details of the case, in 2003, a corpse belonging to an unknown woman was found inside an iron barrel and attached to the chains inside a water barrel  in the Sweileh area to north of the capital. Her identity was determined, and the case remained under investigation without finding the killer.

As the investigation team re-investigated the case, collected information about it, and listened to the statements of a number of those close to her, all of which led to the suspicion of her brother.

PSD spokesman confirmed that one of the two suspected brothers was arrested, and by expanding the investigation with him, he admitted that he was involved with his brother- twenty years ago-  due to personal disputes, took their sister outside the house and forced her to take a large amount of narcotic pills until she died, after which they would tie her with chains and put her inside an iron barrel and put him inside a water barrel in the Sweileh area.

The spokesman added that the partner brother is still fugitive after it was found that he was outside the country, while the Public Prosecutor of the Grand Criminal Court was informed about the details of the crime.