PSD spokesman said that CID investigation team and the Madaba Police, which is assigned to follow up the killing of a child born in 2022 in the city of Madaba, after he was hit by a bullet while he was in his yard a few days ago, was able to complete the investigations in a record time after reaching the shooter and arresting him.

in the details, last Thursday, a child born in 2022 was hospitalized in the city of Madaba after he fell in the yard of his house due to shooting incident in the head area, and soon he died, and a special investigation team was formed from the Criminal Investigation Department and the Madaba Police Directorate and the forensic laboratory to follow up the investigation of the case and arrest the shooter.

The spokesman confirmed that the investigation team began scanning  the areas adjacent to the child victim's place of residence, collecting information and evidence, in addition to seizing a number of firearms. All these efforts led to suspecting a person and seizing a firearm in his possession.

The spokesman added that the seized firearm was sent to the forensic laboratory for technical comparison, as it was found that it was the same weapon used, the suspect admitted to accidentally firing a gun while checking his weapon as the case will be referred to the judiciary.