They deluded the victims of their ability to solve problems, lured the victims to buy incense, and obtained pictures and private information for extortion.

Anti-Cybercrimes unit  had warned before against such sites, and emphasized not to communicate and share information except with official sites and in common transactions.

Criminal investigation teams arrested a criminal group whose members practiced involved in witchcraft and sorcery after using pages, websites and electronic applications, claiming the ability to treat spiritually and psychologically, and solve problems, taking advantage of the needs of their victims, who were subject to extortion and fraud.

PSD spokesman stated that the investigation teams in the Criminal Investigation Department followed up a number of complaints received about people who are based on such websites and applications and who deluded the victims into the existence of work or witchcraft that caused them harm, and their ability to solve it, provided that they purchase some materials such as incense, and transfer sums of money.

The spokesman  added that fraudsters in some cases were able to obtain pictures and private information of the victims by persuading them to send them, or by hacking their devices, and they also lured girls to specific places to buy incense.

the technical teams in the criminal investigation were able to identify the suspects, raided their whereabouts and arrested them, in preparation for referring them to the competent judicial authorities.

The Anti-Cybercrime Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department had previously warned against falling victim to fraud by such criminal methods, calling upon everyone not to communicate with suspicious websites, download applications from unreliable places, pay sums of money, or share any personal information except Through the trusted websites of the official authorities and in known cases only to complete the transactions.