1106 persons were arrested in 599 cases of trafficking and promotion of narcotic substances during the month of July

 During these cases, large amounts of narcotics were seized

 Implementation of 626 awareness activities in different regions of the Kingdom

 Receiving 96 cases in the AND drug addiction treatment center

In the details,  PSD spokesman said that the Anti-Narcotics Department continued its qualitative operations to deal all forms of narcotic activities.

 The spokesman confirmed that during the month of July, from1/7/2023 until 31/07/2023, 599 cases of trafficking and promotion of narcotic substances were dealt with, during which 1106 people were arrested, including a dealer and a promoter of narcotic substances classified as dangerous, as they were referred  All to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court.

 The spokesman stated that during these cases, (71) kilograms of hashish, (400) thousand pills of Captagon, (6) thousand pills of narcotic pills, (5 and a half kilograms) of narcotic crystal, and 20 kilograms of narcotic crystal were seized in addition to  Narcotic marijuana, (500) grams of narcotic industrial cannabis, (2 kilograms and 300 grams) of narcotic industrial cannabis powder, and a group of firearms.

 At the awareness level, AND implemented, through the awareness dimension, 626 educational activities for the month of July, which included a number of courses, lectures, workshops and seminars in partnership with academic and media bodies and relevant partners.

 In the same context, the number of admissions to the drug treatment center for the month of June reached 96 cases, between admissions and references.