7 / 4 / 2024 

Anti-narcotics department deals with nine specific cases, including thwarting two smuggling attempts of 600,000 narcotic pills and 210,000 narcotic pills, and conducted security campaigns in Mafraq and south of the capital.

PSD spokesman said that during the past few days, theAnti-Narcotics Department dealt with nine specific cases in various regions of the Kingdom, during which 19 drug dealers and smugglers were arrested.

The spokesman confirmed that the most prominent of these cases was thwarting an attempt to smuggle 600,000 narcotic pills to one of the neighboring countries, as a special investigation team received information about a group of drug-dealers preparing large quantities of narcotic pills in preparation for smuggling to Neighboring country, the suspected hangar in Mafraq Governorate was raided and five suspects involved in the case were arrested inside it, in addition to 600,000 narcotic pills that were prepared to be hidden inside hoses in preparation for the completion of the smuggling operation.

In Northern Badia, a drug dealer and smuggler and those connected to regional drug smuggling gangs were raided after information was received about their possession of a large quantity of narcotic pills to a neighboring country. The raid led to their arrest and the seizure of 210,000 narcotic pills in their possession.

In the third case, a large bag containing 100,000 narcotic pills was found at the Jaber al-Hadawi crossing. Investigations led to identifying two suspects involved in that case and an attempt to bring those narcotic pills to Jordan. The suspects were arrested at different times and one of them resisted the security force and ran over the AND officer.

In Mafraq Governorate, the security operation was conducted to arrest wanted persons and  drug dealers, and led to the arrest of four of them and quantities of narcotic substances were seized in their possession.

Another operation was conducted against drug dealers in the south of the capital. Two cases were dealt with, in the first of which a dealer was arrested in possession of 8,000 narcotic pills and 5 palm-sized sheets of hashish. In the second case, another dealer was arrested and 1,250 narcotic pills and 5 palm-sized sheets of hashish were seized in his possession.

In Madaba Governorate, a tent used by a drug dealer to store and sell drugs was raided. He was arrested, 46 palm-sized sheets of hashish and 5,000 narcotic pills were seized.

In Zarqa Governorate, two drug dealers were arrested, 2,000 narcotic pills and 8 palm-sized sheets of hashish were found in their possession, while in Karak Governorate, two drug dealers were also arrested and 39 palm-sized sheets of hashish and a quantity of narcotic pills were found in their possession.

All cases were referred to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court.