In these cases, large quantities of narcotic drugs, firearms were seized in addition to a person connected  to international drug trafficking gangs were seized.

PSD spokesman said that the Anti-Narcotics Department continued the operations  to deal with all forms of drug cases. Since the beginning of this week, AND was able to deal with 11 specific cases in trafficking, promotion and smuggling cases in various governorates and regions of the Kingdom, during which they arrested 22 suspects.

In the most prominent of these cases, in Ramtha, after collecting information about a person connected  to international drug trafficking and smuggling gangs, and confirming that he had received large quantities of narcotic substances through those gangs, he was raided and arrested, and a search of his place resulted in seizure of  350 palm-sized sheets of narcotic hashish.

In another case Ramtha, two drug dealers were arrested after they were raided and 110,000 narcotic pills were seized in their possession, which they were planning to smuggle to one of the neighboring countries, while in the northern desert, two drug dealers were arrested in possession of 6,000 narcotic pills.

In Irbid Governorate, a wanted man classified as dangerous and the first wanted person in the western Irbid areas was subjected to 22 judicial restrictions. He was arrested, and quantities of narcotic substances and a firearm were found in his possession.

In the capital, four cases were dealt with. In the first, two drug dealers were arrested while they were transporting a quantity of narcotic drugs in order to sell them in Mafraq Governorate, even palm-sized sheets of hashish, 14,000 narcotic pills, and 150 grams of crystal were seized in the case. In the second case, two  drug dealers were also arrested in possession of 35 palm-sized sheets of hashish and 5,000 narcotic pills. In the third case, a  drug promoter was arrested in possession of 14 palm-sized sheets of hashish and 1,000 narcotic pills. In the last case in the capital, 7 palm-sized sheets of hashish and 1,000 narcotic pills were seized in the possession of a promoter.

In Mafraq Governorate and the Northern Badia, a security operation was carried out against wanted persons, suspects, and drug traffickers, during which nine of them were arrested, and a total of 17 palm-sized sheets of hashish, 3,000 narcotic pills, and two firearms were seized in their possession.

At the Al-Omari border crossing, a vehicle coming from a neighboring country was stopped, and information was received about storing large quantities of narcotic pills inside it to be smuggled to another neighboring country. Upon inspection, 150,000 narcotic pills were found inside it, hidden in the body of the vehicle, and an investigation was initiated with the driver of the vehicle.

In one of the areas of the northern desert, information was received about unknown persons hiding quantities of narcotic substances. AND dispatched  the place  and seized 184 palm-sized sheets of narcotic hashish and 14,000 narcotic pills were found. An investigation is underway to determine the identity of those involved in the case.