The Director of Public Security, Maj. Gen. Hussein Al-Hawatmeh, passed orders to the Director of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers to honor 22 inmates who successfully passed the high school exam and to give them the opportunity to meet their families on private visits.

Al-Hawatmeh stressed that this honor comes in appreciation of the efforts by the inmates, and the good intention they showed in developing themselves, and their determination to walk the right path through the possession of science and knowledge despite their exceptional circumstances within the walls rehabilitation centers.

Al-Hawatmeh indicated that enabling inmates to complete their studies inside the reform and rehabilitation centers is part of a comprehensive reform policy adopted by the Public Security Directorate within these centers to enable the inmates to return to society and possess knowledge tools and professional skills that facilitate their involvement in life as valid and influential components  in positive aspects.

It is noteworthy that the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers worked, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, to create the enviroment and all the appropriate conditions for inmates wishing to take the high school exam so that they could study and prepare to sit for the exam.


 The Director of Public Security passed orders to honor 22 inmates inside the rehabilitation centers who successfully passed the high school exam