Public Security Directorate, through its various traffic departments, launched the annual winter campaign to inspect vehicles to ensure their technical suitability to ensure the safety of drivers, vehicles and road users during the winter season. The campaign will continue until the end of Monday, 7/12/2020, and is subject to extension. personnel in the traffic departments (Traffic Department, Vehicles and Drivers Licensing, and highway Patrol), in addition to the Royal Department for Environment and Tourism Protection, will be accompanied by specialized teams for technical examination from the Maintenance Department during the campaign to check and ensure the vehicle’s validity by examining its main parts, especially tires, lights, glass, mirrors of the vehicles. Public Security Directorate will put a sticker showing the vehicle’s validity after checking it by technicians so that it will not be stopped again for this purpose. In the event of any defect in the vehicle, the driver will be directed to repair it and alert him/her to the extent of the seriousness of this defect to his safety and the safety of others, and he will also be given A ten-day notice will be given to repair it without registering any traffic offences on the vehicle. In the event that the specified period expires without fixing the defect, a violation will be issued against him and transferred to the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department for a technical re-examination of the vehicle. Public Security Directorate calls on citizens to cooperate with the public security men during the campaign period, to inspect the readiness of their vehicles to meet the different winter conditions, and to carry out the necessary maintenance work for them in order to preserve their safety and the safety of others while in use.