This campaign comes to achieve the strategic goal of the state to preserve the safety of the citizen, and after the process of merging the security agencies, which came under the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II with the aim of improving the level of security services provided to citizens, most notably painful traffic accidents. This initiative included many programs and events that will be implemented in all governorates of the Kingdom, including hosting a number of traffic safety specialists, academics, traffic accident victims and their families through various media to discuss the social, psychological, health effects of these accidents. Traffic instructions and warnings, video presentations and awareness flashes about traffic violations, their dangers and causes, in addition to sending text messages to cell phones, and other activities, all related to traffic safety. the success of this initiative depends on building the continuation of joint cooperation and the application of social responsibility by all parties, especially the role of the individual and the family in encouraging commitment to positive behaviors and staying away from negative ones while driving, especially excessive speeds and drifting, calling on everyone to report any negative practices in relation to traffic violations Which would make this initiative successable and promotable.