Date of assignment : 11/9/2022

Date of joining military service:

He joined the military service on September 14, 1985 and was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant on December 07, 1987.


  • Bachelor of Psychology (University of Baghdad)
  • Master degree in Management and Strategic Studies (Royal Jordanian National Defense College)
  •  PhD of Philosophy in Strategic Management (Mu'tah University).



  • Head of section /Criminal Investigation Department
  • Head of division / Criminal Investigation Department
  • Head of police station.
  • Head of Division / Regional Security Command
  • Director of Correction and Rehabilitation Center / Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers
  • Director of West Balqa Police Directorate
  • Director of Irbid Police Directorate
  • Director of Al Balqa Police Directorate
  • Capital Region Security Commander
  • Northern Region Security Commander
  • Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations




Internal courses

  • Criminal investigation and detection
  • information analysis
  • middle command
  • National Defense
  • Building the strategic plan


External Courses

  • Anti-financial crime/Slovenia
  • Senior Department of Peacekeeping Operations / Italy


International participation

  • International Peacekeeping Forces/Mozambique
  • International Peacekeeping Forces/Kosovo
  • High Level seminar of Anti Torture / Denmark
  • Participation in a conference on human smuggling and human trafficking within the framework of cooperation with the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Program / France.
  • Participation in a conference on building the capacities of law enforcement agencies in the field of combating human trafficking.
  • Participation in the joint meetings of the Councils of Interior and Arab Justice / Tunisia.
  • Participation in the second meeting of the working group concerned with studying security challenges in the Arab region and ways to address them / Tunisia.

Medals and orders

  • Order of Jordan Peacekeeping Forces
  • United Nations order
  • Order of Independence / second class
  • order of Merit, third Class
  • Sincere Long Service Appreciation medal
  • Field Proficiency medal
  • Training Proficiency medal
  • Administrative and Technical Proficiency medal
  • Judicial Police medal
  • Leadership Competency medal
  • Excellent Public Security medal