Lieutenant General Ahmad Sarhan Al-Faqeh

Personal information:

  • Date and place of birth: Amman 1952
  • Joined armed forces on 12th October 1971
  • Graduated from the Royal military faculty 20th Nov 1973

Maj. Gen. Ahmad Sarhan Al-Faqeh joined the military service at Jordan armed forces in 1971, during his 38 years service , he was promoted and assigned to several administrative, training and command positions to the commander of the joint special forcesm military intelligence director and assistant to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff / head of the defense sources and investment management.

Positions :

platoon commander / special forces battalion


joint special forces commander

Company commander / Paratroopers Battalion

Paratroopers wing commander / special forces training school


Military air sea attaché / Washington

Assistant of Paratroopers Battalion commander

Assistant to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff / head of defense sources and investment management

Commander of Paratroopers Battalion


Adviser in the Royal Court

Paratroopers group commander

Paratroopers Brigade / 36

Sector commander / UN peacekeeping forces


Commander of Paratroopers brigade

Ranger wing commandant

Military intelligence director



Courses :

Special ranger course

Special protection and security course

Paratroopers course

Fight in populated areas course

Light weapons course

Air transport and planning course / USA

Officers patrols course

Advanced infantry mobilization course

Artillery support course

Special forces course / USA

Light weapons trainers course

Advanced infantry course / USA

Basic infantry Mobilizationcourse


Armor weapons course

group Fight course

Basic English language course

Bachelor degree in military science /Royal Command and Staff faculty

Air support and Parachutescourse / USA

Military visitor / Washington institute for Near Yeast studies


Orders and medals

  •  Service order 67-71
  •  Training efficiency medal
  •  Third class order of merit
  •  Leadership efficiency order
  •   2nd  class independence order
  •  Technical and administrative efficiency medal 
  •  UN commission order
  •  Peacekeeping forces order
  •   Order of First international Amman conference
  •  True service appreciation medal
  •  American and military order of merit / officer rank class