Transparency and Human Rights Bureau

Transparency and human rights bureau  was established on 21/7/2005 and followed to the public security director under the name " grievances and human rights  bureau". On 16/11/2014, the name of the bureau  was changed to " transparency and human rights bureau  " and followed to the assistant of public security director for judicial police on 5/9/2017. On 27/6/2018, the  bureau   was followed to the audit and assessment department ,the bureau was followed to the  Public security judiciary directorate on 17/2/2020 .


  • Receive complaints and grievances from citizens about abuses and malpractices made by the staff members of   public security directorate.
  • Coordinate with all official and private entities especially the civil society and governmental organizations in regarding with transparency and human rights issues to achieve the targets.
  • Periodic inspection on the under-custody facilities and rehabilitation centers to make sure the application of transparency standards and human rights to avoid the violations of applicable laws and regulations.
  • Investigate in the administrative and financial  corruption   with relevant departments and prepare the reports to Public security director for appropriate action.
  • Follow-up the issued reports from the national center for human rights and respond as appropriate, provide the center with facts, information and statistics as required, prepare the reports to the relevant entities for decision making process and accompany those entities  in their inspection visits to the under custody facilities and rehabilitation centers.
  • Follow up the issued reports from the relevant regional and international human rights organizations and respond as appropriate  by the bureau representative as he the member of the permanent committee of human rights in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • Implement  the directives of Public security director  in the complaints presented to him in person including defending the oppressed and taking an action against the guilty.
  • Explain  the PSD method in maintaining the transparency and human rights by the press interviews, media openness and participating in the activities in connection with the cooperation with relevant departments in public security.
  • Monitor the implementation of international human rights standards  in connection with the police work and in accordance with the applicable regulations and international conventions.
  • Participate in preparing the plans, curriculums and awareness training programs in regard with the transparency and human rights. 

Human Rights Training Center

The last years  showed the need to qualify and train the man power that have dealt with human rights , especially the awareness side, a number of public security officers received an intensive training to be instructors in the field of human rights, Human rights training center was innovated  in public security directorate in which it was followed to the human rights and transparency  bureau. 


  • Prepare and implement the training strategy to the human rights and transparency bureau  in accordance with public security strategy. 
  • Identify the training needs of public security directorate at the field of human rights.
  • Prepare the training programs and plans based on the training plan of public security directorate and update them as appropriate.
  • Prepare the training curriculum and manuals
  • Hold the workshops and seminars of human rights.
  • Coordinate with relevant organizations on the specialized training programs
  • TOT for the instructors  of human rights
  • Keep in pace with the international developments in the relevant subjects  to be included in the training curriculums.
  • Coordinate with the internal and external training centers for experiences and experiments   exchange
  • Other tasks and duties issued by the  director.