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Pursuant to the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II - may God protect him - towards excellence in government performance and transparency, the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department computerizes information and simplifies its procedures within an organized and comprehensive systematic plan to achieve development in the level of services it provides to the people based on the importance of spreading knowledge and keeping pace with the revolution of communications and information technology, the Department of Drivers and Vehicles Licensing sought to create a website concerned with providing information about the Department, its duties, services and procedures.

The Licensing Department, under the directives of the Public Security Directorate, seeks to provide the licensing service electronically around the clock through the e-government project, hoping that it will meet the desires and expectations of the service recipients from citizens, foreigners and investors and maintain continuous communication with them to inform them of all new in the areas and procedures of the Department's work.


 Institutional excellence in providing drivers and vehicle licensing services.


 Providing drivers and vehicle licensing services to service recipients efficiently and effectively using modern technology and in cooperation with partners in order to achieve good standards and contribute to promoting a safe traffic environment.