Mass Media and Community Policing Directorate


Public Security Directorate decided, based on the  view of the role of the specialized media in dealing with the accelerating events witnessed in our world, to establish  the Mass Media  Office in 1973, where its duties were the same as those of public relations, and the Office of the Mass Media  Officer developed to be later a branch of public relations and followed to the traffic department.

 in (1978), a number of branches and divisions were followed to Public relations  including the  mass media branch, the Police Magazine,  the Social Welfare Branch, the Ifta'a Division, the Printing Press Division, and the Police Sports union .

In 1979, the name (Public Relations and Morale Guidance Department) appeared on the organizational structure of the Public Security Directorate and was followed  to  the Assistant Police.

        In (2005) the mass media office was established and followed to the Department of Public Relations and Morale Guidance, which was one of its most important tasks to deal with public security events of public opinion, and to provide a database of information for media professionals to facilitate access to appropriate information about various events, in the shortest and fastest way. The ultimate goal was to build bridges of trust with the media body to motivate it to cooperate in a way that serves the higher national interest. On May 9, 2012, the name was amended  to become the Department of Public Relations and Security Media.

On 1/1/2016, the Department of Public Relations and Security Media was restructured to become the Department of Public Relations and Community Policing, and a new department emerged from it under the name (Security mass Media Department) to which the Security Media Center and AMEN FM were followed to.

On February 19, 2017, Public Relations and Community Policing Department was restructured to become the Public Relations and Mass Media Department.

 In 2020, it was named the Directorate of Mass Media  and Community Policing.