Gendarmerie forces

Royal Insightful Vision with regional and international excellence
History of Jordan Gendarmerie

After the arrival of King Abdullah I to Amman to announce the establishment of Jordan Emirate to be a model for all Arabs, the story of Arab glory was completed

Since the beginning of the Jordanian Hashemite era, the gendarmerie forces recorded their first beginnings in upholding the word of truth and implementing the law, and with the formation of the first Jordanian government on April 11, 1921, the security openness began for the gendarmerie forces, where His Highness Prince Abdullah I chaired the position of commander in chief of the military force, and the security force was formed of The fixed gendarmerie force which is considered the beginning of public security, the gendarmerie battalion (the cavalry).

Gendarmerie forces.. Royal Vision toward modern security institution

due to the beginning of the twenty-first century and the local, regional and international changes, and with an insightful vision for the country's future in terms of strengthening security and ensuring the sustainability of stability, the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II - may God protect him - came to restructure the gendarmerie forces, and a royal decree was issued approving the law of Gendarmerie forces on 7-10-2008, after completing all its legal and constitutional stages, gendarmerie forces began carrying out the national duties in the protection of the citizens and the home country.

Hence, the royal vision of the gendarmerie was inspired by His Majesty's directives: "Towards distinguished security institution at the local, regional and international levels capable of contributing to enhancing internal security and stability


the Gendarmerie has witnessed many developments at all operational, logistical, training and manpower fields due to the royal support to the Gendarmerie forces by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, King Abdullah II Ben Al-Hussein - may God protect him. The General Directorate of the Gendarmerie Forces has witnessed rapid and remarkable development, which has won the admiration of everyone at the national, regional and international levels, to be a distinguished security institution at the local, regional and international levels capable of effectively contributing to enhancing internal security and stability.

Since its formation, the General Directorate of the Gendarmerie has passed through stages of modernization and development, and it has been supplemented with the latest means, equipment, weapons, and missions. The five-year gendarmerie strategy (2016-2020), which came in response to the directives of His Majesty the Supreme Commander, which aims to develop the functional performance of the gendarmerie forces in accordance with the highest international standards.

The strategy of Gendarmerie forces … toward comprehensive security agency

the strategy of the gendarmerie depends on the implementation of the royal visions in addressing acts of violence and riots and combating terrorism and extremism through the security openness of the gendarmerie forces in all governorates of the Kingdom and setting clear plans for training and rehabilitating the personnel , developing preventive work against crime and manifestations of security breach and combating terrorism And access to the gendarmerie personnel to the highest levels of professionalism.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the security service in accordance with the appropriate time and place, the gendarmerie forces have opened geographically within the areas of jurisdiction covered by the gendarmerie commands deployed in the Kingdom, namely: the Northern Gendarmerie Command, the Central Gendarmerie Command, and the Southern Gendarmerie Command, while maintaining specific security formations that constitute a strategic supportive reserve: These are the Gendarmerie Special Tasks Command, the Special Police Command, the Police Discipline Unit, and the General Secretariat of the Gendarmerie Sports union.

In order to achieve the strategic objectives of the gendarmerie, the gendarmerie forces have worked to create many units and other security formations. The Capital Gendarmerie Command was established to be the competent command, entrusted with maintaining security and stability in the capital, Amman. Likewise, the Aqaba Gendarmerie Command was established to carry out its vital security duties and protect facilities in the Kingdom. The commands of the East and Moab, and the Unit for the Protection of Important Facilities were also established to play their role in protecting national institutions.

The development also extended to include organizational restructuring to reflect on human development and the accompanying development of infrastructure and provision of modern technical and technological equipment that enables the gendarmerie personnel to carry out their duties in an optimal manner.

International cooperation

As the gendarmerie forces believe in the importance of openness to the security agencies in the world, the gendarmerie has pursued its policy of openness to all regional and international partners and has strengthened international partnership with the security agencies in the world. The efforts of partnership resulted in the signing of several security cooperation agreements, in addition to holding many internal and external security conferences and seminars, and attaching many officers, individuals to receive external courses that contribute to providing the gendarmerie forces with all the required expertise, skills, experience and security competencies

This participation was embodied in its best form under the chairmanship of the PSD Director- Major General Hussein Al-Hawatmeh for the Euro-Mediterranean Organization of Military Police and Gendarmerie Forces (FIEP) during the year 2017, where the General Directorate has been an active member of the organization since 2010.

Humanitarian side

In response to the visions of His Majesty the Supreme Commander in regards of the necessity of positive interaction with local communities, the gendarmerie committed to a great humanitarian role towards citizens and residents in the Kingdom, and made exceptional efforts in the field of public service and humanitarian conditions, and extended at helping families and the needy. the members of the gendarmerie provided honorable roles in providing security services in refugee camps, through professional and humanitarian personnel.

Believing in the humanitarian mission of the gendarmerie forces, the participation of the General Directorate of the Gendarmerie Forces in the international peacekeeping forces is the witness to the nobility and loftiness of this message by deploying international advisers and observers, FPU s to protect the vulnerable in conflict-areas worldwide.

The gendarmerie forces maintained the international peacekeeping forces for successive years, and the number of gendarmerie forces participating in the peacekeeping forces since 2009 reached more than ten thousand officers and non-commissioned officers, who worked to spread security and peace, so that the gendarmerie forces set the most wonderful examples of soldiery and discipline, And have good morals.

Under the Hashemite leadership ... towards a bright tomorrow


The Gendarmerie forces step up in the process of modernization, development and raising the efficiency of its staff-members, so that they can deal with any task to protect the security of the homeland and citizens with the highest levels of readiness, professionalism and respect for human rights. The development and modernization would not have seen its way into the light unless the  continuous Royal support of the Gendarmerie Forces, this support that was and still is embodied in its best model through the keenness of His Majesty, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces to patronize the opening of new buildings for the various units of the Gendarmerie Forces, and His Majesty’s observation to all security and operational exercises from time to time.

we are the men of our own word to His Majesty to remain in the Gendarmerie as a national security institution that takes care of the higher interests of the homeland and the citizen. The royal visions and directives of His Majesty will remain the cornerstone  that guides the Gendarmerie forces in improving their performance and advancing their role in preserving the security and stability. The Gendarmerie forces are the story of success due to the Hashemite Wise directives, and the  Jordanians’ attention  who studied at Abu Al-Hussein School, and they never knew anyone other than their family and brothers among the Jordanians, pride and clan , the men who sacrifices their souls for the sake of the home country as their principle is the core values that governed the duties and work of the gendarmerie forces.

And we will remain the loyal soldiers of the Hashemite Throne, the protector of the country and the people, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein - may God protect him - and perpetuate his reign, and direct his steps on the path of goodness, for He is the Hearer and the answerer of supplication.