Jordan Traffic Institute 

holding and organizing traffic awareness activities at the initiative of the Jordan Traffic Institute


  • Public and private sectors.


  • The Jordan Traffic Institute or with service delivery partners.




  • The response of the Public Security Directorate regarding the implementation of the traffic awareness plan sent by the Traffic Institute to hold a traffic awareness activity.


  • Addressing service delivery partners about hosting a traffic awareness activity within the traffic information and awareness department's work plan, and coordinating with them regarding the detailed program.
  • Addressing the Public Security Directorate for information and a statement of opinion.
  • Follow-up with the service delivery partners on the requirements of the traffic awareness activity and its detailed program, in light of the Public Security Directorate's explanations.
  • Carrying out traffic awareness activity in cooperation with service delivery partners.
  • Addressing the Public Security Directorate to complete the traffic awareness activity and recommendations.





Time expected

  • According to the timings mentioned in the annual traffic awareness plan of the Jordan Traffic Institute, or according to the program that is being prepared, and after coordination with service delivery partners.