Traffic Department

Obtaining Traffic Statistics and Studies


  • Students, teachers and researchers from (universities, schools, colleges, ...), government and military agencies, and civil society institutions.


  • The main center: Studies and Information Branch / Institutional Development Department / Traffic Department.
    The possibility of obtaining the service electronically, mentioning the location: Traffic accident statistics up to ten years, available online through the Traffic Department website/publications  and through the Traffic Department's official page on Facebook/notes.


  • Information must be available in traffic department.


  • An official letter from the requesting party, or submitting a written request to the Traffic Department that includes the required data in detail.
  • An official letter from Public Security Directorate that includes approval to give the requested information.


  •  The requesting party directly send an official letter to the public Security Directorate, or the Traffic Department including an explanation of the nature of the statistics to be obtained.
  • Waiting for an official letter to be received from the Public Security Directorate's office for the Traffic Department that includes a response approves to give these statistics to the requesting party.
  • Preparing the required statistics and studies
  • Sending that information to the requesting party through official letters , or handing it over to the recipient of the service personally.


  • Public Security Directorate, Vehicle and drivers Licensing Department / Traffic Regulations Division.


  • (60) dinars and one dinar for each page after the first page according to Article No. - Article (11/b) of System No. (100) of 2015, the system of fees for driving licenses and vehicle registration and licensing.

Time expected

  • Depending on the nature of required information.