Traffic Department

Obtaining E-sketch Scheme


  • Accident sides / injuries or any of their behalf.


  • The main center: Traffic Department / Traffic Investigation Station
  • Alternative places: traffic sections in the governorates / traffic investigation station


  • Traffic accident.


  • registration document of the vehicle involved in the accident.
  • Driver's license (parties of the accident).
  • The personal identity of the Recipients.
  • The authorization document in the event of the service requester authorized another person with the documents mentioned above.


  • Reporting the traffic accident / via the emergency number 911 
  • The arrival of the competent accident representative at the accident site.
  • Sensory detection of vehicles and the location of the accident and photographed by the accident representative.
  • Listening to the testimonies of the drivers/parties of the accident, the injured and witnesses, if any.
  • Organizing a sketch scheme on the site if the damage is only material and there are no other violations that require seizure or transfer to the security center
  • Collecting (5) dinars from the convicted party, by the accident representative
  • A copy of the sketch plan shall be handed over to the parties to the accident
  • In the event that there are injured people or cases that require judicial action, inform the concerned parties to go to the police station. 


  • police stations Civil Defense Municipality / Municipalities / Public Works / Electricity Company, Insurance companies


  • 5 JOD 

Time expected

  • 35 minutes