Traffic Department

Labor Permit Service


  • Companies, contactors m citizens official and governmental institutions.


  • PSD website / traffic dept / E-services.


  • This permit is not granted for operations: (electricity emergency, water emergency, communications emergency) unless it has approval from the greater Amman Municipality, the Ministry of Public Works or the municipalities, each according to its competence, as they are the authorized authorities in this regard on the roads.


  • A letter from the company (electricity, water, communications …etc ).
  • A valid license for excavation works in the streets and sidewalks (work permit) from: the Ministry of Public Works and Housing / if the excavation in the streets within its jurisdiction, or from the Greater Amman Municipality / to the capital, or from the municipalities / governorates.
  • A sketch showing the location of the excavation / the name of the street / district / neighborhood.
  • Explanations from the competent officer (including determining the appropriate days and times for work according to the nature of the street.


  • The recipient of the service fills out the approved form if the nature of the work/excavation at the site does not require a complete closure of the street as follows:
  • Fill in the part of the information related to the excavation and its nature + information about the street (street name / area / neighborhood.
  • The traffic planning branch officer checks the previous information and transfers the transaction to the traffic department within the jurisdiction.
  • The site is inspected by the competent officer, in order to ascertain the nature of the street in which the excavation is to be carried out, and to determine the appropriate days and times for work.
  • The officer on duty, after inspecting the site, fills out his part on the form, by filling out his explanations that include specifying the appropriate working days and times, and delivers them after signing to the recipient of the service on the site.
    If the nature of work in a street requires a complete closure of the street, the person concerned is required to personally attend the Traffic Department, and the procedures are as follows:
  • The contractor must make a sketch indicating the location of the work, the street to be closed, the detour track with the necessary traffic signs and the nature of the traffic safety means that will be used.
  • The scheme is presented to the engineers of the Traffic Planning Branch / Studies and Planning division, for approval after a field inspection on the site.
  • The employee checks the submitted papers and the data contained in the form.
  • The employee Fills in the permit with the required data.
  • Granting the permit stating all the conditions, signed and stamped officially.
  • Informing the person concerned of the completion of the transaction and the possibility of receiving it either in person from the central traffic administration building or the Irbid traffic division or through approved postal companies with payment of an additional fee.


  • Granting a valid license for excavation works in streets and sidewalks


  • Null.

Time expected

  • Two working days, if the excavation does not require a complete closure of the street, and does not impede traffic.
  • (2-5) working days, if the excavation requires a complete closure of the street.


  • Null.