Traffic Department

Driving Permit for Jordanian Vehicle with Foreign Driving License


  •  Persons with required conditions.


  • PSD website / traffic dept / E-services.


  • Submission of the transaction by the person concerned.
  • having completed eighteen years of age.
  • Not to be in possession of a Jordanian driving license.
  • The vehicle category must be private, and this permit is given to drive only one vehicle.


  • A valid foreign driving license authorizing him to drive a private vehicle (original and photocopy together).
  • A translation of the license if it is not in Arabic or English from an accredited translation office.
  • A copy of the possession license of vehicle to be driven.
  • A copy of a valid passport (personal information / date of entry).
  • A copy of the residence permit (for foreigners) or entry visa.
  • Two personal photos.
  • If he works for a company, he is asked to bring a letter from the company showing the nature of his work.
  • The vehicle to be driven must be owned by him, or by one of his relatives, with proof of being relative (bring a copy of the family book.


  • The recipient of the service fills out the electronic form for the service.
  • Upload all the required documents attachments/if the conditions apply to the applicant.
  • The employee checks the submitted papers.
  • The head of the department explains the request.
  • The director signs the permit.
  • Fill out the declaration stating all the conditions, signed and stamped officially.
  • Informing the person concerned of the completion of the transaction and the possibility of receiving it either in person from the central traffic administration building or the Irbid traffic division or through approved postal companies with payment of an additional fee.


  • Null.


  • Null.

Time expected

  • Two days.


  • Null.