Traffic Department

Certified Sketch scheme


  • Courts, and government institutions


  • The main center: Studies and Information Branch / Institutional Development Department / Traffic Department. Alternative places: Irbid traffic  department, insurance companies.


  • The request for a certified copy of the sketch schemes of the official authorities and courts is done only by correspondence in official letters.
  • The applicant must have a relationship and his name is included in the sketch scheme.


  • In the event that the requesting entity is an official entity or a civil institution: an official letter is brought (with the sketch scheme number indicated on it).
  • In the event that the citizen requesting the service is a related person: he must submit personal proof.
  • A financial receipt worth three dinars.


  • Automatic turn number taking.
  • Fill out the special form for each vehicle according to the use capacity and the type of permit required by the service recipient or his representative.
  • The employee checks the submitted papers and the data contained in the form.
  • Filling out the permit by the employee with the required data.
  • Granting the permit stating all the conditions, signed and stamped with the official seal.


  • Insurance companies / delivery of a copy of the sketch schemes to the requesting authorities.


  • 3 JOD

Time expected

  • 10 minutes