Employment at Retirees liaison offices 

Workers in the Public Security Retirees Liaison Office and branch offices are appointed under fixed-term employment contracts and in return for remunerations determined in the contract, provided that they do not affect the pensions granted to them in accordance with the following terms and conditions:- ​

  • The Director of the Office of Public Security Retirees (the main office) is appointed at the rank of retired Major General.
  • Appointment in the branch offices is made according to his rank (retired brigadier general, retired colonel, retired lieutenant colonel), and in the event that the mentioned ranks are not available, appointments are made to the lower ranks, as well as to female police retirees, both within his area of residence.
  • The duration of the employment contract in the main office for all retired workers is one year, and it can be extended for another year for the office manager only.
  • The duration of the employment contract for all retirees working in the office branches is one year only and cannot be extended.
  • It is not allowed for anyone who works in this office or any of its other branches to be associated with any work for pay or without pay and for any official or unofficial body, and work in this office is according to the official working hours in the public security units.
  • The appointment of workers in the office and its other branches, as well as the termination of their employment, shall be by a decision of the Director of Public Security.
  • The date of retirement is approved for the appointment of retired officers, and if the date of retirement is equal, the date of submission of the application is approved.