Blood Bank Reserve for Military Retirees

Pursuant to directives of His Majesty, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces - Arab Army, King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein “may God protect him” to improve the living conditions of military retirees and in order to enhance the efforts made by the Public Security Directorate to advance and comprehensively modernize to improve the conditions of retirees, a special reserve for military retirees has been allocated in the blood bank At the Princess Iman Center for  Research and Laboratory Sciences, followed to Al-Hussein Medical City Hospital, within the following

: principle


  • Opening a blood reserve for military retirees.
  • A unified and approved form is adopted.
  • The form is given to retired himself and his / her first-degree relatives.
  • Two units of blood or less are specified in this form.
  • The form includes blood units of the positive group, as for the blood units of the negative group, donors of the negative group must be brought in.
  • The authority to sign the form is for the liaison officer at Al-Hussein Medical City.
  • This form is only approved by the blood bank of the Princess Iman Center, and therefore it is not approved by the blood banks of the medical services in other hospitals.
  • The number of donors every month is (20) donors and in two batches.
  • The balance of blood units remaining for three months from the date of donation and after this period is considered void.
  • The attaché of  Department at Al-Hussein Medical City Hospital for those who wish to donate blood from military retirees and workers and for coordination purposes 2nd LT  Odeh Muhammad phone number (0772715812).