In the first raid, a wanted and armed man who showed fierce resistance was arrested in Ajloun, while a raid in Jerash resulted in the arrest of a wanted man in possession of a firearm and an amount of narcotics.

The arrest of a very dangerous suspect  in Ma'an after a raid on a secret hideout (basement) that he had prepared to hide.

Public Security Directorate continued its specific operations to pursue, raid and arrest drug dealers, promoters and dangerous classifieds in the Kingdom's governorates and regions, with great operational cooperation and coordination with the police directorates and the specialized units of the Public Security Directorate.

AND and CID specialized security teams raided, during the past 24 hours, two wanted persons classified as dangerous in the governorates of Ajloun and Jerash and arrested them, while a highly dangerous classified person was arrested in a raid in Ma'an.

In the first case, the spokesman stated that the investigation teams were able to locate the person classified as dangerous and wanted for drug cases, terrorizing citizens in Ajloun governorate, indicating that a special team raided and arrested him after he showed strong resistance to force.

In the second raid, the investigation teams located the whereabouts of a dangerous wanted person and another armed man in Jerash governorate, who had many requests for drug and gunshot cases. When he was raided, he  opened fire against the force. He was dealt with and arrested, and the  firearm and an amount of narcotics were seized .

In Ma’an Governorate, the third wanted person, classified as very dangerous, was arrested after a secret hideout (basement) was raided. The suspect and his brother resisted the force, but they were controlled and a quantity of narcotic pills was seized.

Public Security Directorate confirmed that the Anti-Narcotics Department, with the support of the police directorates, departments and specialized units, is continuing to implement its goals in protecting society from drug dealers and promoters, and will make all possible efforts to ensure that they are arrested.