public security runners achieved an honorable sport achievement, as they  won the advanced positions in all the categories in which they participated in the race, which is characterized by its desert nature, among the ancient Pharaonic temples on the western mainland of the historic city of Luxor, with the participation of more than ( 350) male and female runners representing seventeen countries, most notably (Kenya, USA, France, Italy, Egypt, Spain, Qatar, in addition to Jordan).

Public Security runner Raafat Al-Zboun won first position  in the 22km race, recording  time is one hour and eleven minutes and fifty-six seconds (1:11:56), while his fellow runner Abdul Hafez Al-Awaida came second with a time of one hour and twelve minutes and twelve seconds (1 :12:12), and the runner Hamza Al-Ashush came third, with a time of one hour and seventeen minutes (1:17:00).

in the 12 km race, public security runner Saad Salameh won the first position  with a time of thirty-eight minutes and twenty seconds (38:20), and his colleague Ahmed Muhaisin came second, with a time of thirty-eight minutes and twenty-one seconds (38:21), and the runner Mahdi Freiwan came in the third position , with a time of thirty-nine minutes (39:00).

Public Security runner Muhammad Al-Nawasra won first position  in the 42 km race, recording a time of two hours and thirty-two minutes and forty seconds (2:32:40), Mohammad  Al-Dardour won first position , with a time of forty-two seconds and thirty-five minutes (42:35).

On the women’s side, security runner Sabriya Al-Muradat won first position  in the women’s race (12) km, with a time of forty-five minutes (45:00), and her fellow runner Nahida Al-Bawat won second place in the women’s race (22) km, with a time of one hour and forty seconds (1 :40).

The delegation of the PSD team to the tournament was headed by Colonel Nouman Al-Daajah, and included in its membership, Major Muhammad Al-Gharam, Major Jihad Al-Hammad, Captain Aref Al-Zawahra, Captain Hayel Al-Rawahneh, coach of the team, First Lieutenant Khaled Al-Abadi, , and the players (Mohammed Al-Nawasra, Raafat Al-Zboun, Muhammad Al-Dardour, Ahmad Muhaisen, Abdul-Hafiz Al-Awaidah, Hamza Al-Ashush, Mahdi Fariwan, Saad Salameh, Nabil Al-Muqabala, Nahida Al-Bawat, and Sabriya Al-Muradat).