The incident took place on 20/6 in the Al-Mashare' area, and the Public Security man was not injured.

The wanted driver was arrested immediately during the incident, and he was kept under custody in  rehabilitation center.

PSD spokesman reveals the details of videos that were published and showed the driver of a medium transport vehicle escaping from the Public Security men while one of the security men was clinging to the vehicle.

He confirmed that the incident took place in the Al-Mashare’ area about ten days ago, on 20/6, when a police patrol stopped a medium transport vehicle, and upon checking the vehicle and the driver, who was wanted by several judicial restrictions, the driver closed the window of the vehicle and tried to flee from the place, while the security man remained clinging to the vehicle. .

He added that, after a short distance, the vehicle was stopped after being pursued, and the driver of the vehicle was arrested.