The knights of the Public Security team won gold in the international championship for picking pegs in traditional dress, which hold  in  Oman this evening, with the participation of (32) knights from 16 countries.

the two Knights (Hossam Al-Khaza’leh and Adham Hussein) won the gold medal  in the sword show competition, and the silver in the spear show competition, while the knight  (Adhim Hussein) won the silver in the individual competition with the sword.

It is worth noting that the Public Security team is the only team that represents the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in this sport.

On the sidelines of the tournament, Second Lieutenant Maha Al-Jazi participated in the International Referee Qualification Course (Golden Badge), becoming the first international female referee to receive the Golden Badge in Jordan.

Public Security Directorate participated in the tournament with a delegation headed by Colonel Dr. Muhammad Al-Zawaideh, and the membership of Major Ahmad Al-Khuraisat, First Lieutenant Kasib Al-Saud, Second Lieutenant Maha Al-Jazi, and the players (Second Lieutenant Husam Al-Khaza’leh and Corporal Adhim Hussein).