This campaign came as an extension of the "Together... For safe arrival" campaign to reduce traffic accidents, which aims to preserve the lives of citizens and road users and provide a safe traffic environment.

The campaign implemented by the traffic departments (traffic, DVLD, highway patrols department) includes checking the readiness of vehicles, ensuring their technical suitability to be driven  on roads during the winter season.

During the campaign, the mechanic  parts of the vehicle, such as tires, lighting, glass, wipers are suitable for winter season, and ensuring the work of the (heaters) inside public vehicles.

The Directorate confirms that no violations will be recorded on vehicles that have a technical problems at the beginning of the campaign, but a notice and a period of one week will be given to the vehicle owner to correct the vehicle mechanic situation, a sticker will be placed on the windshield of the ready vehicle stating that it is (technically ready), and in the event that the vehicle’s mechanic situation  is not corrected during the week, a traffic violation will be issued and the vehicle will be   transferred to the Licensing Department to conduct a technical examination.

Public Security Directorate calls on all citizens to inspect the validity of their vehicles to face the different winter conditions, and to carry out the necessary maintenance work for their safety and the safety of others, and to avoid obstructing traffic in the event of a breakdown due to weather conditions.