Today, Public Security Directorate and Land Transport Regulatory Commission signed a memorandum of understanding on electronic connectivity, information exchange, and strengthening coordination efforts between ministries and competent authorities to save time and effort for citizens, in the presence of the Assistant Director of Public Security for Management  and Manpower, Brig. Dr. Mutasem Abu Shttal.

Brig. Abu Shttal said that Public Security Directorate is continuing to implement the automation of its electronic service in a way that reflects the advanced level that the Public Security Directorate has reached in Jordan, indicating that the Directorate is working in a participatory scientific approach with all the competent authorities that contribute to facilitating exchange of information and data through the electronic link system (GSB).

Assistant Director of Public Security added that this memorandum aims to create a database for vehicles and drivers in cooperation with Land Transport Regulatory Commission through the relevant traffic departments, noting that the database that has been prepared will organize work with all concerned authorities about vehicles of all shapes and the diversity of their work objectives, whether vehicles are private or public.

For his part, the director of Land Transport Regulatory Commission, Tariq Habashneh, expressed his pride in the efforts made by the Public Security Directorate to provide a security, especially the traffic side, indicating that the commission  will work in cooperation with the competent authorities in the Public Security Directorate to improve the services provided to citizens on the traffic side.