Civil Defense 

The beginnings of the work of the civil defense in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan dates back to the era of the emirate, when its work was carried out at that time by civil teams with limited numbers and tasks and working within the municipal staff.

In 1948, the need arose to find a body concerned with protecting civilians, and then a Civil Defense Authority was formed in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in order to implement the goals of civil defense.

In 1954, civil defense committees were formed in the capital, brigades, districts, and sub-districts to undertake the tasks of civil defense. In 1955, Defense Order No. (1) of 1955 AD was issued, which included amending the formation of civil defense committees.

due to the triple invasion on Egypt in 1956, and based on the late king Hussein bin Talal thoughts (May God rest his soul) that “Man is the most valuable we have”, The Royal Directives were issued to establish the Civil Defense Directorate and therefore, Civil Defense Law No.(12) for 1959 was legislated and replaced the Civil Defense temporary Law No. (35) For 1956. Civil Defense Directorate was part of public security at that time until it was separated  In 1970


  In 1978, the Civil Defense Department separated from the Public Security Directorate financially with its own budget. In response to the developments witnessed by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the nineties of the twentieth century, including development and prosperity, Civil Defense Law No. (18) of 1999 AD was issued to replace the Defense Law Civil No. (12) of 1959 AD.

  At the end of 2019, pursuant to the Royal directives to merge the security agencies, the General Directorate of Civil Defense was merged n  the formations of the Public Security Directorate under the name of the Directorate of Civil Defense.

 Civil Defense Duties 

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